Welcome to Drawing Hope

Drawing Hope is a tax exempt charitable organization that – through art – serves survivors of abuse and other life struggles. Drawing Hope helps survivors connect with their own strength, see their beauty and embrace their freedom.

Drawing Hope is the organization behind a number of projects: Points with Purpose (PWP), Freedom Woman, and a portfolio of charitable works by David Ilan, which he has been creating over the last decade as a Celebrity Artist.

These projects all aim to raise awareness of globally relevant issues; educate about topics that are not easy to talk about; inspire people to help each other to survive, heal and live well; and motivate action that – on a global scale – will create change.

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Points With Purpose

From thousands of tragic events, a beautiful drawing is born. Points With Purpose is our ongoing, global project to help survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Participants in over 150 countries are healing.

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Freedom Woman

Freedom Woman explores a new artistic dimension as women’s raw personal stories and common global experience become the inspiration for a portfolio of art and writing that aims to counter media perspectives of women’s lives.

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Make A Point

Make A Point offers select community
organizations (like schools) a unique co-
fundraising program. Participants create
and auction beautiful artwork that expresses their vision of hope.

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